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engage in 30 days of exploring peace, justice, and sustainability with our new Seeing Systems email series.

Reflecting the themes of our Seeing Systems book, this email series offers daily prompts & insights framed in bite-sized pieces for your individual learning and enrichment.

For 30 days, immerse yourself in and take action on three of humanity’s most inspiring visions and most pressing challenges: peace, justice, and sustainability.


receive day #1's email now!

embark on this journey solo or with peers, colleagues, classmates, friends, family for collective reflection and discussion.

However you choose to engage, celebrate Black History - this month and beyond - by dedicating time to peace, justice, and sustainability. Let's create a better shared world, together.

How it works:

  • A daily email lands in your inbox offering a single action and supporting resources. An action may take form as learning, reading, watching, listening, conversing, researching, or sharing.
  • Each email is designed to be bite-sized – simple, focused learning.
  • Six themes center these emails:
    • It’s All Connected
    • Peaceful Communication
    • Justice for the Whole Community
    • Conflict Transformation
    • Responding to Systemic Violence
    • Co-Creating Living Peace
  • The first 5 emails are dedicated to "It's All Connected". The remaining emails cycle through the other themes.
  • The cadence of emails is 5 days of actions, 2 days of rest, 5 days of actions, and so on. We invite you to use these rest days to reflect or to catch up on your actions before the next round of emails.
  • If you ever have questions or feedback, feel free to reach us at
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begin this learning journey today!


You don't! This email series serves as an introduction to these 3 systems - peace, justice, and sustainability - and is rich in introductory content for your learning.

What is great about the Seeing Systems book is that it dives deeper into a rich spectrum of lived experiences, voices, stories, modes, and methods for looking at our world. Read our free excerpt.

You can! Invite your friends, family, peers, whomever to embark on this learning journey with you.

Each of you will need to sign up, but the email series is flexible and can be engaged with at your own or collective pace.

For example, create a weekly check-in time with your people and go from there! Or check in over a video call with your family or friends. Whatever you do, this email series prompts learning, reflecting, chatting, and taking action!

Want to go deeper into Peace, Justice, and Sustainability? Our Seeing Systems Discussion Course book offers an immersive spectrum of lived experiences, voices, stories, modes, and methods for looking at our world and is designed to be a tool to facilitate sincere conversation and build community ties.

Read through each session, use the provided questions to hold dialogue, and learn together. Explore a free excerpt of the book.

This Discussion Course can be an engagement tool for any workplace, school, community center, center of faith, family, or circle of friends to focus their efforts on upholding environmental and social good.

Feel free to use code "30DAYS" for $5 off the book. We also have bulk pricing if that's something you need! Let us know at

Read through a free excerpt. And we invite you to use code "30DAYS" for $5 off the book.

We also have bulk pricing if that's something you need! Let us know at

We love when people want to share! Feel free to forward these emails to whomever you think of, and share out this email series across social media!

(At the bottom of each email are social media icons - each icon will push a ready-made post to that social media platform.)

  1. Seeing Systems is a six session self-facilitated Discussion Course delving more deeply into peace, justice, sustainability, and systems change. We're offering a discount code for $5 off each book purchase related to 30 Days of Seeing System, as well as greater discounts for purchases of 50 or more. Email us if you are interested in a bulk order!
  2. We also host a Systems Ecochallenge that connects directly to the Seeing Systems book. It's a cool place to create a team, share ideas, and get other ideas for action along the way.

i'm here for peace, justice, and sustainability. let's do this.





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Free Excerpt: Seeing Systems

Read through a free excerpt of Seeing Systems, the book, and explore how this Discussion Course facilitates sincere group conversation! See notes for discussion facilitators and read through circle questions & learning objectives.

Download this free excerpt. Download this free excerpt.
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Buy: Seeing Systems

Go beyond our email series and dive deeper into Peace, Justice, and Sustainability with the complete Discussion Course book for Seeing Systems. Use discount code "30DAYS" for $5 off!

Buy the Seeing Systems book. Buy the Seeing Systems book.

create more environmental + social good