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I felt like I learned a lot from this challenge. I admit that there were times when it was really difficult to stick with it, but for positive changes to stick around, it takes time and progress [for them] to become a healthy habit. I hope to continue the progress I made throughout this challenge and reflect on what did and didn't work for me... I already can't wait to keep making greener changes in my life!

– Valerie Ryba


During these few weeks I have been eating at least one vegetarian meal per day. I am learning that there are some really interesting vegetarian dishes out there. Went out to lunch at a ramen place in the neighborhood and instead of my usual pork filled ramen I chose the Hazelnut Tantanmen. Miso tare, hazelnut broth, bok choy, shiitake, leeks and miso cashew crumbles. Oh my freaking god. So good. I want some now.

- Dan


Prior to the challenge, I was serious about recycling and composting. Now I am now much more focused on using resources more efficiently and producing less waste from the start.

- Fern


This was an awesome learning experience! I never would have tackled the Drawdown book--it was just too technical and dense. This challenge allowed me to learn in small usable and relatable chunks--I learned that I can live more sustainably and that there is still some hope for our world and our civilization.

– Paula


Just want to say thank you to everyone who embarked on this plastic-free journey. I enjoyed learning from all of you and greatly appreciate having had the opportunity to connect with people who also share the same vision of a healthier tomorrow for our planet.

– Juliana


The challenge raised a lot of awareness to the things that I can change and take action easily as part of my daily routine and contribute to helping our planet. It also helped me do a lot of reflection and has inspired me to be more conscious and make healthier choices for myself and the environment.

- Ryan

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Drawdown Ecochallenge

14,100 humans from around the world took action on the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming

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Plastic Free Ecochallenge

15,235 humans from around the world took action with 40+ zoos and aquariums to refuse single-use plastics

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People's Ecochallenge

12,480 humans from around the world took action on proven sustainability solutions for homes and communities

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