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“I think the whole EcoChallenge was the best! It brought awareness to things we can do to help make the earth a better place to live. Sometimes you just think locally. To see teams and people from all parts of the world doing what they can to be “green” was inspiring!”

– MetLife Employee


Recognizing that employees are essential to promoting environmental stewardship across the company, MetLife focuses on integrating sustainability and employee engagement into the workplace through their global sustainability engagement program, ‘Our Green Impact’.

This program’s mission is to promote environmental awareness across the global enterprise, encouraging employees to participate in MetLife’s sustainability programs and empowering each other to reduce our environmental impact at work, home, and in our communities.

After learning about the Northwest Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge, Metlife’s Global Sustainability Team worked with NWEI to offer a private EcoChallenge for MetLife employees, in hopes of further encouraging more sustainable lifestyles and contributing to the achievement of MetLife’s environmental goals. The EcoChallenge was a valuable, fun, and engaging way to show employees that small behavior changes can make a large collective impact on the future of our planet. Josh Wiener, MetLife’s Global Sustainability Director, shared:

“We decided to incorporate the MetLife EcoChallenge into the Our Green Impact program to create a fun and collaborative way to encourage more associates to get involved in our environmental sustainability efforts. It was important for us to find an initiative that could be inclusive to MetLife employees, no matter if they work remotely, in a small leased office, or in any region around the world.”


1,202 MetLife employees from 22 countries participated in the private EcoChallenge in 2016 and the results were inspiring. Over the course of the two-week Challenge, MetLife employees collective impact included:


The Challenge led to positive outcomes for the environment, the MetLife sustainability program and for employees. Through the MetLife’s EcoChallenge, Our Green Impact gained 300 new members and 4 new Green Impact team locations (including a second international team in Japan), and saw a significant increase in program participation from employees outside of the United States.

Metlife’s office in Beirut, Lebanon even created a green roof inspired by the EcoChallenge!


Employees shared their stories through blog posts and reflections at the end of the Challenge.

“The challenge ends today, but the journey continues. It was an amazing two weeks leading and encouraging a motivated team that is truly committed to the cause. It was amazing to read the blogs of other EcoChallengers. This opened our minds and thoughts to new and unique ideas. Thank you MetLife for this amazing initiative”

“The challenge may have ended but I will continue and make this an everyday challenge until it is just a part of my normal routine. This has been very uplifting and informative. Just the amount of water I was wasting alone was amazing. Thank you for turning a challenge into a lifestyle!”



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