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How does one weave such complex principles as peace, justice, and sustainability into a coherent story?

"The path toward human survival and all forms of equitable justice begins with our willingness to collaboratively and compassionately create a new way of being in relationship with one another and with the rest of creation." — Sherri Mitchell Weh'na Ha'mu Kwasset

This difficulty reflects the media’s broader struggle to convey how these themes are mutually linked. Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice, and Sustainability connects the dots between three of society’s most pressing challenges and helps readers find pathways to activate powerful change in our everyday lives.

Purchase this book in print or in digital format and gather your friends, family, colleagues, classmates to find a regular, communal time to explore this book together. Think of this opportunity as a book club where you all contribute to a safe and encouraging space. Dive into these principles together, and walk back out into the world with a clearer sense for the systems within peace, justice, and sustainability.

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words from Seeing Systems readers...

The book is incredible. I was so amazed as to how informative it was that I have been talking to a co-worker who wanted to learn more about the topics we covered.

I think the discussions around nonviolent communication and environmental justice opened my eyes to ways in which society and even I can perpetuate oppression and conflict, just by the way we communicate and the policies we support.

I very much appreciate having thoughtful, expertly-written material.

It can be overwhelming to see how we've actively oppressed people and how far the gap is between those in power and those who are struggling. I'm so grateful to gain exposure to all of this and to learn some ways to make change.


Building Bridges

A toolkit for meaningful conversations and effective dialogue.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Learn about our commitment to a global model for change.

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[Mini Session] Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice, and Sustainability

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