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who we are

Here at, we believe in a better shared future, one with fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a stable climate to live in. To help create this future, our programs connect the dots between individual action and collective impact to create global change on a human scale. As a growing 501(c)(3) nonprofit with audiences around the world, is looking for board members to join us in this shared work. We are specifically seeking individuals with experience in digital product development, law, marketing, and finance.

about the board

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of is a governing board and is responsible for oversight of the strategic, financial, operational, and policy decisions for the organization. The Board delegates the administration of policy and practice to the Executive Director and reviews operations on a periodic basis. Membership of the Board should represent leaders who demonstrate significant commitment and passion for the organization’s mission (including its justice mission), strategic planning, and organizational success. Reporting to the Board Chair, Board Members typically serve three-year terms and make a meaningful financial commitment to the organization on an annual basis.

“It feels impossible to tackle big issues without a community of changemakers. With over 50,000 people who engaged with our work just this past year, we feel momentum and inspiration to expand our reach in the future.”

– Colleen Murray, Board Chair

board expectations

The Board expects the following from its members regarding personal conviction, character and credibility:

  • Commitment to the mission
  • Commitment to the organization’s values including Environmental Justice and Social Equity
  • Advocates for throughout the virtual community
  • Demonstrates a breadth of understanding and a tolerance of a variety of viewpoints
  • Willingness to state one’s convictions and also accept the majority decision of the Board
  • Respected and highly regarded by colleagues and in the community
  • Deals respectfully and directly with management, staff, and other Board members

Will you join us in creating a better future for all?

We want to hear from you! Email Liz Zavodsky, Executive Director to express interest or learn more.

create more environmental + social good