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discussion books provide groups with a framework to talk about their relationships with the planet and each other

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discussion books for your community

facilitate a discussion course with your family, friends, or peers

Our discussion books foster sustainable and equitable ways to learn, live, work, create, and consume. More than 185,000 copies have been sold worldwide fostering dialogue and action in homes, schools, faith groups, and a variety of other community settings. Our books are ready to use and no special training or experience is needed to facilitate! Discussion books break big issues into bite-sized pieces over the course of several weeks. And they create active, learning communities filled with shared stories and support that make it easy to to take action.

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discussion books for your business

design a discussion course for your network of changemakers.

Each book includes tips and guidelines to help facilitators organize a discussion group. Online discussion groups offer so much flexibility – facilitators can leverage technology to offer a variety of ways for groups to participate. Breakout rooms, polls, chat, and other interactive features are great tools when facilitating a large online discussion group. We have successfully facilitated online discussion groups of 25-200 people!

Learn how Bank of America has used our discussion courses to educate their employees and make an impact.

Contact us if you'd like to us to facilitate your online discussion group and how we can customize a discussion book for your network.


"This course has made me think about the impact of my actions, the products I purchase, and so much more. Really – it has changed the way I live my daily life."

"This was the most courageous conversation that I have participated in. It was so valuable hearing different people’s perspectives and I deeply appreciated their reframing of topics on several occasions."

— participants

"I've always considered myself a person that makes responsible decisions, but these virtual discussions gave me a new perspective."

— business participant

discussion books + ecochallenge platform = more change

Our Ecochallenge Platform will help your discussion group stay connected in between sessions, access additional resources, and expand your network to everyone around the world who is participating in the discussion book.

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Seeing Systems Ecochallenge

Weave the complex challenges of peace, justice, and sustainability into a coherent vision of a world that works for everyone.

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Choices for Sustainable Living Ecochallenge

Explore sustainability more deeply and learn its unique meaning from individual, societal, and global perspectives.

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create more environmental + social good