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discussion course books give you a framework to talk about your relationship with the planet and fellow humans.

Share in discovering new ways to live, work, create, and consume.

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More than 185,000 copies have been sold worldwide creating dialogue and action in workplaces, schools, centers of faith, and other community settings. They are designed to help break big issues into bite-sized pieces. And they help create a personal network of shared stories and support that makes it easy to take action.

Each course book includes tips and guidelines to help facilitators organize a discussion group. We also provide a wide range of support tools, including the course organizer’s guide, registration forms, and more. Course organizers choose a topic and invite others to join them to discover change, together.

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Choices for Sustainable Living

Choices for Sustainable Living provides participants a powerful opportunity to explore sustainability more deeply and learn its unique meaning from individual, societal and global perspectives.

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Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice & Sustainability

Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability connects the dots between three of society’s most pressing challenges and helps participants find pathways for powerful change in our everyday lives.

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A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World

A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World connects our individual values and actions to the larger picture and helps us to find power to make real change in our lives, communities, and in the world at large.

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Menu for the Future

Menu for the Future helps you explore the connection between food and sustainability. Together, you discover food choices that are good for you and the health of our environment.

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how it works

design a discussion course for your community of changemakers.

The ideal discussion group size is 8-12 people when meeting in person. We recommend that at least 6 people participate but no more than 15, in order to keep the discussion both lively and manageable. Online discussion courses allow for more participants because they leverage technology to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate (for example, we can use polling questions to gather input from a larger group of participants all at once.) We have successfully facilitated online discussion courses for groups of 25-200 people, and customize the course experience to the size of the group.


"This course has made me think about the impact of my actions, the products I purchase, and so much more. Really – it has changed the way I live my daily life."

— Discussion Course Participant

discussion courses + ecochallenge platform = more change

Our Ecochallenge Platform will help your discussion group stay connected in between sessions, access additional resources, and expand your network to everyone around the world who is participating in the course.

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Choices for Sustainable Living Ecochallenge

Explore sustainability more deeply and learn its unique meaning from individual, societal, and global perspectives.

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Seeing Systems Ecochallenge

Weave the complex challenges of peace, justice, and sustainability into a coherent vision of a world that works for everyone.

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create more environmental + social good