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1. join a team or create a team.

Join your network's team or join the global Community Team to get started. Feeling like taking charge? Become a Team Captain for a new team in your workplace, school, or community!

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2. select your actions

Choose actions that you can commit to throughout the Ecochallenge. There are plenty of actions to choose from, so find the actions that compliment your lifestyle and passions.

We recommend 1-3 daily actions and 4-6 one-time actions for optimum rate of success and long-term habit making.

Have actions that require some prep? Take the time you need to prepare for success with your actions. Committing to vegetarian meals? Look up recipes and ingredients you’ll need! Finding alternate ways for transport? Explore the public transit options and bike pathways in your community!

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3. complete your actions

Fulfill your actions, and check them off to collect your points. Simply log into your Dashboard, find the actions you’ve selected, and click on the button next to ‘Action Completed’. Now you’ve collected your points!

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4. share your story

Inspire your team members and co-Ecochallengers! Share your Ecochallenge journey on our Participant Feed. Observations, inspirations, lessons learned - all are welcome and encourages others to keep on Ecochallenging.

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5. see our collective impact add up

Hundreds of thousands of everyday actions add up to significant change! See how thousands of everyday people taking action together can create positive impact within our communities and for the planet.

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create more environmental + social good