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customize our ecochallenge platform to
meet your environmental and social change goals

In businesses, across school campuses, and within local communities, more than 320,000 people worldwide have participated in our programs. You can use the power and flexibility of the Ecochallenge Platform to accomplish your sustainability and engagement goals. Explore our unique solutions for each sector below.

When employees take action together, they drive sustainability locally and globally. offers a suite of ready-made employee engagement programs that are designed to educate employees, create a green workplace culture, and inspire staff to meet your organizational sustainability goals. The Ecochallenge Platform is our premier engagement tool, offering a customizable platform for businesses of any size. Design your own Ecochallenge, or engage your company in's annual The People's Ecochallenge, and watch your employees take action and create significant impact together.

We invite you to find out more about how a custom Ecochallenge can work for your business.

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An Ecochallenge is a great way to inspire behavior change and create a thriving culture, helping your community achieve its sustainability and engagement goals.

The Ecochallenge Platform can be used to engage residents and employees of cities of any size. Designing your own Ecochallenge gives you the flexibility to engage your community in just the right way. Contact us for a demo and invite your community to join us in's annual The People's Ecochallenge.

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For over 26 years, has helped make change more possible, more social, and more fun by helping people connect the dots between their actions and their collective impact, together. Convene your organization, social group, neighborhood, faith center, or nonprofit to use the Ecochallenge Platform to create change in your community. Designing your own Ecochallenge gives you the flexibility to engage your community in the exact way that works for you.

Contact us for a demo and invite your community to join us in's annual The People's Ecochallenge.

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More than 450 colleges and universities worldwide have successfully used our Ecochallenge Platform and Discussion Course books to strengthen their academic communities and foster learning and action on sustainability issues — in and out of the classroom. Participating in our ongoing Campus Ecochallenge or designing a custom Ecochallenge for your campus gives you the flexibility to engage participants on your own timeline, and to work toward your campus goals.

Invite your school to join the Campus Ecochallenge this year and request a demo for a custom Ecochallenge.

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base features

Event Setup

  • Unique URL (i.e. and Event Dates (1 month or less duration)

Participant + Team Registration

  • Choose from standard registration fields
  • Select featured participants for event home page
  • Set limits on team size

Challenges + Actions

  • Select from our library of Challenges and Measurable / Non-Measurable Actions
  • Set limits on number of actions selected (one-time and daily actions)
  • Set difficulty levels and assign resource links for each action
  • Allow participants to mark actions as pre-existing for better data

Points + Rewards

  • Choose from 20+ point options and set amounts
  • Set custom triggers for Early-Bird Registration and Point Milestone emails

Custom Design + Messaging

  • Customize content for home / event info pages, emails, sponsors, and images
  • Choose from library of colors and icons for Challenges

Event Data + Real-Time Impact Reporting

  • Ongoing access to participant / team data reports
  • Select featured impacts for event home page
  • Beautiful display of real-time Individual, Team, and Collective Impact

base services

Technical Support

  • Access to our staff support (via ZenDesk) for all participants

Coaching + Management

  • Standard support to determine Timeline, Challenge Categories, and Key Outcomes
  • Technical training for Event Coordinators

Marketing + Promotions

  • Access to library of promotional materials / templates and engagement resources
  • One webinar training for Team Captains

Data Analysis + Evaluation

  • Standard survey of participants post-event and 3-6 month follow-up
  • Post-event impact report

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Request a demo and see how an Ecochallenge can work for you.

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