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Quite simply, everybody eats. Food connects us intimately with the world around us and provides a concrete entry point into the discussion of many of the ecological concerns we face today.

The choices people make every day around what to eat are far reaching and provide a clear and hopeful opportunity for change. Menu for the Future gives course participants the opportunity to learn more about modern food systems and to reflect upon their own role as eaters in a global food marketplace. The readings consider food from multiple perspectives — cultural, economic, ecological, health and social — each presenting a different, though often complementary, angle on the complex modern food systems most of us depend upon.

Over the last century, the way we grow, harvest, transport, and consume food has changed significantly. It’s easy to overlook the impact this process has on our environment. Menu for the Future helps you explore the connection between food and sustainability. Participants learn more about the many cultural, social, and ecological implications of what we eat and discuss the importance of our eating habits. Together, discover food choices that are good for you and the health of our planet.

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interested in using Menu for the Future as a discussion tool with your network or community?

  1. Purchase this book in print or in digital format.
  2. Invite your colleagues, classmates, students, family, or friends to join (contact us for large group orders).
  3. Each participant needs a copy of the book - in print or in digital format.
  4. Establish a recurring meeting time.
  5. Read through each Session, article by article, or at your own pace!
  6. Meet to discuss what you read. Use the provided questions as a guide to facilitate each conversation.
  7. Think of this experience as a book club where everyone can contribute in a safe & encouraging space.
  8. Enjoy!

If you're interested in learning how to use this with your group or a custom solution for your business, please contact us.

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