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Some folks choose simplicity as a path toward peace. Others choose it as an adventure. Neither motivation is wrong or right — it’s all about aligning your actions with your personal values.

The concept of “living simply so that others may simply live” has been around for hundreds of years. People choose to live simply for many reasons and as our world changes, the motivations for and benefits of living a simple life also evolve.

Today, we choose simple living as a way to make our own paths in life, paths that allow for investing our time in the things that matter most to us, making choices that create less waste and do more good, using (or not using) technology intentionally, and critically examining the messages that tell us what to believe, what to value, and who to be.

A Different Way: Living Simply in a Complex World connects our individual values and actions to the larger picture and helps us to find power to make real change in our lives, communities, and in the world at large.

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interested in using A Different Way as a discussion tool with your network or community?

  1. Purchase this book in print or in digital format.
  2. Invite your colleagues, classmates, students, family, or friends to join (contact us for large group orders).
  3. Each participant needs a copy of the book - in print or in digital format.
  4. Establish a recurring meeting time.
  5. Read through each Session, article by article, or at your own pace!
  6. Meet to discuss what you read. Use the provided questions as a guide to facilitate each conversation.
  7. Think of this experience as a book club where everyone can contribute in a safe & encouraging space.
  8. Enjoy!

If you're interested in learning how to use this with your group or a custom solution for your business, please contact us.

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