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how does one weave such complex principles as peace, justice, and sustainability into a coherent story?

Our collective sense of difficulty to actualize and harmonize these principles mirrors the media’s broader struggle to convey how these themes are mutually linked. Seeing Systems illuminates the threads between three of humanity’s most inspiring visions and most pressing challenges: peace, justice, and sustainability.

Explore Seeing Systems in these ways:

  • Dive deep with our Seeing Systems discussion book, a curriculum rich in lived experiences, voices, stories, modes, and methods for looking at our world and designed to facilitate sincere group conversation. Use this book to hold dialogue amongst your peers, colleagues, family, friends and activate powerful change in our everyday lives.
  • Read a free excerpt of our Seeing Systems book: familiarize yourself with how a discussion group works, see notes for discussion facilitators, and check out circle questions and learning objectives.

Engage in Seeing Systems, delve into these principles and walk back out into the world with a clearer sense of how to uphold peace, justice, and sustainability.

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interested in using Seeing Systems as a discussion tool with your network or community?

  1. Purchase this book in print or in digital format.
  2. Invite your colleagues, classmates, students, family, or friends to join (contact us for large group orders).
  3. Each participant needs a copy of the book - in print or in digital format.
  4. Establish a recurring meeting time.
  5. Read through each Session, article by article, or at your own pace!
  6. Meet to discuss what you read. Use the provided questions as a guide to facilitate each conversation.
  7. Think of this experience as a book club where everyone can contribute in a safe & encouraging space.
  8. Enjoy!

If you're interested in learning how to use this with your group or a custom solution for your business, please contact us.

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"The path toward human survival and all forms of equitable justice begins with our willingness to collaboratively and compassionately create a new way of being in relationship with one another and with the rest of creation."

— Sherri Mitchell Weh'na Ha'mu Kwasset

"The book is incredible. I was so amazed as to how informative it was that I have been talking to a co-worker who wanted to learn more about the topics we covered."

"I think the discussions around nonviolent communication and environmental justice opened my eyes to ways in which society and even I can perpetuate oppression and conflict, just by the way we communicate and the policies we support."

"I very much appreciate having thoughtful, expertly-written material."

"It can be overwhelming to see how we've actively oppressed people and how far the gap is between those in power and those who are struggling. I'm so grateful to gain exposure to all of this and to learn some ways to make change."

create more environmental + social good