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At this point, the idea of sustainability has infiltrated most of our societies.

“On my first Boy Scout trip, in the mid-1950s, I learned the basic environmental principle that we should leave the campsite as we found it. We were told that the next group of hikers deserved no less, and that in fact we should clean the site up if those before us had been careless. I did not as a child understand that the campsite would be global or that the next hikers would include unborn generations.” - John Sitter

“Sustainable” products, “sustainable” lifestyles, “sustainable” food, “sustainable” development — the term is used often and widely, and even contradictorily. Regularly, “sustainable” really means “less unsustainable,” which can be misleading, at best. Each culture has its own definitions and visions of what sustainability means. After all, each person or organization has their own agenda when promoting it. Choices for Sustainable Living is an opportunity move beyond all that – to move beyond the hype – and explore sustainability on a deeper level. Use this discussion book to envision sustainability, not define it. What would a sustainable world look like? And how can we create it together?

As you work through this book, you will examine and envision sustainability from individual, societal and global perspectives. The readings are intended to invoke meaningful discussion within your group as you all bring your own experiences and critical thinking skills. It doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree, this process will lead you to clarity on your own views and values. We hope you'll be inspired and share that inspiration with others to make choices to live with more intention on our shared planet.


interested in using Choices for Sustainable Living as a discussion tool with your network or community?

  1. Purchase this book in print or in digital format.
  2. Invite your colleagues, classmates, students, family, or friends to join (contact us for large group orders).
  3. Each participant needs a copy of the book - in print or in digital format.
  4. Establish a recurring meeting time.
  5. Read through each Session, article by article, or at your own pace!
  6. Meet to discuss what you read. Use the provided questions as a guide to facilitate each conversation.
  7. Think of this experience as a book club where everyone can contribute in a safe & encouraging space.
  8. Enjoy!

If you're interested in learning how to use this with your group or a custom solution for your business, please contact us.

reflections from choices for sustainable living readers

I have been taking daily walks through local parks and appreciating all the spring blooms, the fresh air, the sky. I use this time to get exercise but also to give my mind a rest and "nature bathe". The cherry blosooms on my ancient cherry tree are particularly sweet.

I want to thank you for hosting this smart, informative course. I would not have encountered the articles any other way and not likely had the discussions with anyone.

I took part in a course group at my workplace. The book, along with the thought provoking discussions, influenced me greatly. I still have the book on my shelf and refer to it often. The work you are doing is critical for the future of this planet.

Since last week and the beginning of this week, I completed all of my challenges successfully. I use only reusable water bottles that I refill. I also eat less meat, only once in a week or so. Furthermore, I reduced wastes and recycled as much as possible.

create more environmental + social good