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"Even though I didn't check in daily, this challenge helped remind me of the important steps I can take to contribute to energy use reduction as well as learn more ways to reduce. Thanks for the inspiration!"


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Participant Engagement

Average # of daily check-ins: 11
One-time action success rate: 65%
Daily action success rate: 38%

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Top 5 Actions across All Action Categories

Turn It Off: 179

Power Saving Settings: 137

Heat and Cool Naturally: 105

Disable Screensaver: 100

Switch to Cold Water: 96

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Top 5 Most-Impactful Actions

Repair Exterior Door Weather Stripping: 49

Fix Window Weather Stripping: 38

Upgrade Appliance: 21

Recruit a Friend!: 19

Perform a Night Walk: 15

reflections & words of inspiration

"When you already follow 95% of the prescribed better pathways, the newer challenges (for me) were a little easier to attempt and accomplish. "


"I've cut my energy bill by another $10/month!"


"My family and I are looking into buying a house in the near future, we have been researching the pros and cons of solar panels and motion sensor lighting."


"Thermostat reprogrammed. Took awhile to find the manual for this antique 1994 Honeywell Chromo beauty."


"I am excited to start another energy challenge. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills and be reminded of best practices."


"I'm glad to say that some of the changes I made last year are still standing strong! It will be interesting to see how my energy efforts have changed this year from last."


"I got to do an HVAC walk through with our technician and learned that having occupancy data and knowing when people are in a building is a great opportunity to set our heating and cooling system more efficiently"


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keep learning. keep taking action.
keep creating a better shared future with us.

create more environmental + social good