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Building Bridges

A toolkit for meaningful conversations and effective dialogue.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Learn about our commitment to a global model for change.

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[Mini Session] Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice, and Sustainability

Preview the first session of Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice, and Sustainability

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Iceberg Model

Explore a model for Systems Thinking.

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[Mini Session] Choices for Sustainable Living

Preview the first session of Choices for Sustainable Living.

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A letter to the Community ❤️: . We gratefully close an amazing 2019 with our sights 👀 set on the visionary decade ahead for humanity. #2020 will set the precedent for the progress that can take hold when millions of people come together to demand and take action for a better shared world.🌏🌎🌍 . Here at, we will weave our offerings into the fabric of this global moment. And we will work to celebrate individual and collective behavior change for sustainability. We hope that with our efforts, in tandem with so much good activating in small and large communities around the world, we reclaim and reshape our collective future.🌅 . Please join us in 2020 for a spectrum of opportunities to take action ✊🏽🗣, including our #EarthDay Ecochallenge in April, #PlasticFree Ecochallenge in July, People's Ecochallenge in October, and #Drawdown Ecochallenge throughout the year. Your participation, your intentions, and your actions - all of it matters. And we need every single one of us positively contributing to our collective impact. . We look forward to taking action with you next year and beyond. Here's to the decade that will redefine our civilization. . With gratitude and love🕯, . P.S. To stay in the know, follow us and get on our email list. We know it is a privilege to write emails to you all, and we take that privilege seriously. Thank you.
>> . P.P.S. Tell your friends and family members! Everyone is welcome.

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