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"This past year the IPCC report said individual action is needed to help reverse the negative impacts of climate change. I am thrilled we engaged over 50,000 people in learning, taking action, and forming new habits to create a sustainable future. Humans have the capability to do this and I'm proud our programs are effective tools in affecting positive change."

- Liz Zavodsky, Executive Director


earth month ecochallenge

Top 5 Impactful Actions

🌏 Plant a tree

🌍 Mend Clothing

🌎 Share Your Eco Habits

🌏 Make Zero-Waste Meals

🌍 Choose Clean/Renewable Energy

Top 10 Participating Businesses + Schools

🌏 Emerson

🌍 Deloitte


🌏 The ODP Corporation

🌍 Starbucks Coffee Company

🌎 Slalom

🌏 HP Inc.

🌍 Kohler Co,

🌎 John Abbott College

🌏 Seattle Children's Hospital


plastic free ecochallenge

Top 5 Impactful Actions

♻️ Minimize Packaging

♻️ Cook a Plastic Free Meal

♻️ Buy Only What I Need

♻️ Discover Together

♻️ Pearl Whites

Top 10 Participating Businesses + Schools

♻️ Maryland Zoo

♻️ Los Angeles Zoo

♻️ Starbucks Coffee Company

♻️ National Aquarium

♻️ Cleveland Clinic

♻️ The Florida Aquarium

♻️ Coalition of North American Zoos and Aquariums

♻️ Zoo New England

♻️ Columbus Zoo

♻️ Sea Turtle Inc.


people's ecochallenge

Top 5 Impactful Actions

🌱 Repair a Broken Item

🌿 Develop a Work-Life Balance

🌳 Needs vs. Wants

🌲 Donate Food

πŸƒ Track My Purchases

Top 10 Participating Businesses + Schools

🌱 HP Inc.

🌿 KEEN, Inc.

🌳 Starbucks Coffee Company

🌲 Comerica Bank

πŸƒ Portland Community College

🌱 CLEAResult Consulting

🌿 Susquehanna University

🌳 Columbia Bank

🌲 NW Natural

πŸƒ Ascend Wellness Holdings


"We are absolutely thrilled with the results of this year’s Earth Month Ecochallenge. We wanted to sponsor the event because we know the Ecochallenge is fun, inclusive, and science-based; but the level of engagement and enthusiasm from our employees went far beyond my expectations.

As we invited our suppliers, customers and partners to join us in the challenge, it was highly rewarding to contribute to making this the biggest Ecochallenge yet. The best way to achieve impact at-scale is to use our collective voice and global reach to energize action, and this multiplier effect is key to a sustainable future.”

- Mike Train, Chief Sustainability Officer at Emerson, 2023 Earth Month Ecochallenge Presenting Sponsor

"This challenge was a life changing experience. I am embarrassed to admit just how ignorant I have been. I feel like I have developed habits from this challenge that will be sustainable in the long run and help make a contribution to making things better."

β€” GABE

"What I love about Ecochallenges is that they encourage you to think creatively and critically about your habits and lifestyle choices. They also provide a sense of community, as you can connect with others who are also committed to making a positive impact on the environment. It also gives me a feeling of empowerment to make changes in my own life that contribute to a more sustainable future for all!"

β€” JO-A

"I enjoyed every Chapter. I am a recent adopted Vegan (4 months) for my health and for my children. I have changed our water footprint, I now get my fruits and veggies from a local grower every weekend. I want to do so much more, I understand there is so much that needs attention, but we cant do it all as 1 person, so I have chosen my one (or 3-4) things-Vegan. But what it has spurred in me is a passion I never knew I had. I want to support this effort in joining an org, a group, more of these. I would even consider changing my career to help the movement, I don't want it to get away from me."

- Discussion Course Participant

"As for my own experience during this challenge, it was really amazing. I came away from this Ecochallenge with new behaviors around adding more seafood into my diet, having constructive conversations about the environment, I spent more time analyzing my spending and added in extra time outdoors. These are habits that I can maintain long term and would not have necessarily adopted if not for the Ecochallenge. It is truly amazing how a few simple adjustments can have such a large impact."

- Discussion Course Participant

"This is such a genius idea! Making sustainability into a game of sorts – having us earn points is motivating me to make changes in my own life I've been wanting to for a long time."


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