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let's reach the goal, together

$234,245 of $450,000 raised.

Help us make our Ecochallenge Platform and programming more accessible than ever. Support our vision of creating a sustainable world — one that is thriving, healthy, abundant, equitable, and regenerative. Your gift enables us to activate the millions of people who are ready to take action. Raised funds will allow for major expansions on our Ecochallenge Platform, new partnerships and program development, and growth to the team.

our programs have already connected
millions of dots

And the numbers show that our connections have a lasting and life-changing impact. And there is still so much work to be done. That's why we need you. We need you and your support to help us connect every single one of us in this movement together.


I love this challenge! It helps you understand important issues and how you as an individual can make a difference.

— bill, people's ecochallenge 2020

Great challenge everyone. I learned a bunch from the videos and research this time around. Thank you for the great ideas and new behaviors created.

— andrea, earth day ecochallenge 2020

Really cool platform for observable, tangible goals for more sustainable living.

— andrew, campus ecochallenge

I love that this pulls together so many people from all over to make a difference. Every little bit adds up.

— kathleen, earth day ecochallenge 2020


People's Ecochallenge

Together, through a pandemic and civil unrest, we learned about how to uphold Justice for the Whole Community during the People's Ecochallenge 2020.

Explore our impact. Explore our impact.
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Drawdown Ecochallenge

In this partnered Ecochallenge with Project Drawdown, thousands of people from around the world continue to take action on the 80 most substantive solutions to global warming.

Explore our impact. Explore our impact.
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Plastic Free Ecochallenge

Even during a pandemic and global lockdowns, thousands of people did what they could and took action with 40+ zoos and aquariums to refuse single-use plastics.

Explore our impact. Explore our impact.

we're connecting intentions with actions, and hopes with
real, measurable solutions

With your help we can greatly expand a global community of advocates and changemakers, each doing what they can, in ways that are most relevant to them, to make this beautiful spinning dot we call home a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable place.

One of the most rewarding aspects from doing this challenge is seeing others make eco-friendly decisions because they know it means a lot to me. Two of my closest friends and some of my family members are beginning to look for plastic-free options while shopping or are refusing plastic straws at restaurants!

— Sara, Plastic Free Ecochallenge 2019

I thought I knew a fair amount about sustainability and climate change issues but this Ecochallenge has given me a vast array of new information and ways to learn so much more. I appreciate learning about all the resources.

— Pat, Drawdown Ecochallenge 2019

The Ecochallenge helps me to push further and be a better version of myself.

— Vinay, Plastic Free Ecochallenge 2019

My challenges are going well: the constant daily challenges are making me create a routine around them that will hopefully stick around post-eco challenge.

— Caroline, Youth Climate Ecochallenge 2020

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