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Blog / The People's Ecochallenge 2020: Our Collective Impact and Reflections

The People's Ecochallenge 2020: Our Collective Impact and Reflections

amidst the hardships of our social and political climate, you still showed up and did good.


Total Participants


across 79 countries, and 53 states/regions
with 5,306 as first-time participants

total completed actions.png

Total Actions Completed



Total Reflections Shared



Total Teams


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Top 5 Actions across All Action Categories

Use a reusable waterbottle: 932
Watch a documentary about racial injustice: 904
Happiness: 901
Exercise daily: 882
Core values: 714

building resilience axns.png

Average Behavioral Insights

Average # of daily check-ins: 9
One-time action success rate: 57%
Daily action success rate: 40%


The People's Ecochallenge is our annual 21-day environmental and social engagement program. This year from October 7 - October 28, 2020, Ecochallengers selected or created actions that aligned with their individual values and made a 21-day commitment to complete those actions, all the while practicing and reinforcing good habits. For every completed action, Ecochallengers earned points and created measurable impact. Points contributed to their team's total points, and their individual impact contributed to our overall collective impact.

Every October, the People's Ecochallenge harmonizes individual and collective action, camaraderie, and friendly competition all for a better shared future. Over 100 actions within a spectrum of categories and action tracks encourage Ecochallengers to think about and act on proven solutions, connecting the dots between our values and our actions.

new action tracks met the needs of our world's greatest challenges

justice for the whole comm.png

justice for the whole community

  • offset for climate justice
  • watch a documentary about racial injustice
  • research voter suppression
  • support businesses owned by folks of color
  • support native communities
  • learn about trans, femme, and nonbinary experiences
  • advocate for green spaces
  • and more.

healing and renewal.png

healing & renewal

  • determine my core values
  • nurture self-compassion
  • prioritize joyful movement
  • practice gratitude for earth
  • invest in happiness
  • practice forgiveness
  • research restorative justice
  • and more.

our amazing collective impact added up!


read through reflections & words of inspiration

""...I believe we should never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness. If we make small changes, eventually change will come. Our environment is worth trying for."

— Laurel

"Love it! It’s making me think of how to be a better earth citizen."

— Sally

"Great set of new actions for this Ecochallenge. I was excited to see how many things I could check "I already do this" as a result of previous Ecochallenges!"

— Scott

"I'm so excited for the Ecochallenge! The October Ecochallenge of 2017 made me a bike commuter and I wouldn't give that up for anything."

— Anne

"...A community cannot be sustainable if judgement is negatively impacting the lives of its people and taking away their rights as humans."

— Darien

"Help me help our planet. We only have one, so we gotta keep it alive."

— Gage

"Thank you to everyone for participating in the People's Ecochallenge this year! We are grateful for you, the learning you did, the actions you took and the impact you made! Please join us again in April for our next event!"

— Liz

"I think 15 minutes of the Chicken Dance and the Macarena on Go Noodle with the kids counts as exercise... right?"

— Carin

"I love the Ecochallenge! It gives me a chance to focus on a different aspect of sustainable living. Every little change helps the environment."

— Keri

"...It always feels good to take care of our green spaces."

— Vanessa

"You can use parts of the vegetable that aren't included in the meal you're making by saving to make stock soup later or composting it. "

— Melissa

"In general, when people are responsible for the environment and have empathy for others, they live their life in a simple way."

— Juan

"Seeing the outdoors through the eyes of my 3-yo is an incredible way to be present in nature and to appreciate each berry and insect..."

— Talia

"...small things add up, and looking at the impact we are all making tells me that there is hope alive in the world and good people still doing good things..."

— Jamie

keep learning. keep taking action. keep creating a better shared future with us.

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