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Blog / Drawdown Ecochallenge 2023 Collective Impact

Drawdown Ecochallenge 2023 Collective Impact

“I'm very passionate about the planet we live in, and this challenge has really motivated me to be a better human, make better decisions on what I consume, food waste, saving energy - I'm determined not just to win this trophy, but to make the difference we were born to make."

— Kenia

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Total Participants


across 63 countries and 52 states/regions

with 66% as first-time participants


Total Teams


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Total Actions Completed


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Total Posts Shared



Top Impactful Actions

Reduce Single-Use Disposables

Green My Job

Zero-Waste Cooking

Learn about Local Indigenous Practices

Plant Trees


Participant Engagement

Average # of daily check-ins: 12

One-time action success rate: 46%

Daily action success rate: 39%

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For the month of October 2023, we revealed a new Drawdown Ecochallenge! Drawdown Ecochallenge connects the dots between climate solutions and climate actions to help reverse climate change. Drawdown Ecochallenge is offered in partnership by and Project Drawdown. Together, we took action on the most substantive solutions to climate change!

"A lot of actions need to be part of our daily life instead of only during the challenge period."

— M

"I was excited to kick-off this Ecochallenge with a volunteer build day for Window Dressers (making window inserts to reduce heat loss and energy demands in homes and buildings throughout the state). It feels good to do something tangible to improve climate impacts in my community as winter approaches!"

— Talia

"I joined the challenge to be a better steward of the environment as well as a better person."

— David

"All GROOVY! During this Ecochallenge I will have a vacation - have decided to call it "My Minimalist Staycation" - and plan to dust off and make a dent in my several, sometimes years old, to do lists. GOALS: 1. Get rid of stuff - sell, donate, recycle. 2. review product use - how can I reduce products? how can I reduce packaging? 3. figure out how much I waste and how I can be more thoughtful in reducing that waste. 4. How do I maintain good habits and how do I enjoy be less burdened?"

— Tricia

"This is such a good addition in a super busy "get ready because you don't know when winter is arriving" time. It restores me to know all around the world and close to home people care and are doing something! Thanks y'all!"

— Jeanne

"I love reaching out and helping with nonprofits and recycling. Makes me feel like I am doing my part to help the world! "

— Kimberly

"Ecochallenges are great at providing you with ideas for simple daily tasks you can follow to contribute to a sustainable future."

— Francisco

"I joined this challenge because I wanted to make a difference, even though a single person might not produce change, a group of people like this team can eventually create and promote change. I chose the actions I did because I feel they applied best to me and I had a really good time practicing mindfulness and enjoying my food every night."

— Luke

"I am grateful for this challenge as it reminds me where I have opportunities in my day to day activities. While I may not have picked many items to work on, reading through all the challenge options was a good reminder of what things really cause an impact."

— Theresa

"On 30th Day of Drawdown Challenge, it is good to reveal that I have made a habit of cooking minimum 2 zero waste meals per day."

— Pallavi

"Thank you for another fun year of the Ecochallenge! You have helped many of our students better realize the impact that they have on the Earth. Many are now aware that positive change can start with just one person doing a small action. Long after this challenge, I hope they will continue to be more mindful of their actions and consider making choices that are more positive for the planet."

— Jonathan

"This October's challenge was one of the most meaningful in terms of what I could learn from it, and how broad the scope of the topics were. What a great way to leave a positive mark on our planet and share the power of a common goal with so many people."

— Christina

"I learn a great deal from the resources provided within the individual actions, but it's your contributions to the feed that really teach me practical ways to apply that knowledge in my day-to-day life. I''m particularly impressed because I know most of you have very busy lifestyles, with work and family responsibilities taking up much of your time. I salute you for finding the time to make such a positive impact. Thank you for showing me the way to care for the Earth and the living organisms upon it."

— Mary

"I always find myself thinking more about the things that I do while I participate in Ecochallenge. I consider my actions more heavily and I sometimes even change the way I do things not even just during the challenge but also after. Eco challenge really made me think about the products that I use and the things that I do and since doing Eco challenge for the first time I have switched to using soap bars instead of bottles and I've tried to make other sustainable changes as I can."

— Hannah

our amazing collective impact added up

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keep learning. keep taking action.
keep creating a better shared future with us.

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