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Blog / Earth Month Ecochallenge 2024: Conservation

Earth Month Ecochallenge 2024: Conservation

“Lots of postings about Earth month almost being finished. The Ecochallenge lives in us all. We all can and should keep the momentum and make our efforts during the month lasting, year-round habits."

— Jeff

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across 78 countries and 55 states/regions

with 68% as first-time participants


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Top Impactful Actions

Borrow Before I Buy

Volunteer in my Community

Share My "Why"

Declutter My Home Without the Landfill

Sustainability Lunch and Learn


Participant Engagement

Average # of daily check-ins: 14

One-time action success rate: 44%

Daily action success rate: 45%

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"Conserving every ecosystem, caring for every creature."

For the month of April 2024, we took action for every ecosystem, every creature and focused on conservation. We highlighted the intersection of conservation and behavior change to take daily action to help create a more sustainable a just world, not just for humans but for all species and ecosystems we rely on.

"While I've participated in Plastic Free July a number of years thus far, this will be my first Earth Month Ecochallenge. There is always something new to learn and the Actions created by this organization are not always something I would think of, which is great. I hope to adopt new methods even though I do a lot already."

— Jennifer

"Let's protect nature and show respect, as it is the only way for our survival and that of future generations. Let's keep in mind that the nature that we are living in is not ours, we just borrowed them from next generations! And also remember that this life may not be the only one which we will live, and according to a theory, maybe we will also be part of next generations. This is why I am participating Eco challenge whenever I hear about it and encourage others to do the same. That is for each and every one of us!"

— Eray

"Every year this comes around spring time in the midwest. The birds start to chirp. The grass and trees start to turn green again. Just love this time of year. Another time to try and grow a garden, plant some trees and plant some flowers. Just love watching things grow. I love this Ecochallenge as it helps remind of all the other things I can do and also educate me more about conservation."

— Michael

"I've been heavily involved with the "reduce, reuse, recycle" process for some time and also working diligently to go native on my property. We've removed invasives (an ongoing battle) and planted over 700 native plants, trees, and flowers to date-- I'm a data nerd, I have a spreadsheet. This looks like a fun way to capture more of my efforts, learn more, and share ideas and encouragement. GO TEAM!"

— Michelle

"This month's ecochallenge has made me realize the large impact that small changes can make. I switched to reusable sandwich bags and just seeing how that number adds up each day has made me think about other ways I can reduce my plastic waste."

— Candice

"I'm reading up on biodiversity in gardening and learned about the importance of attracting fauna to my balcony garden. every morning, birds visit my garden, and i believe that some of them are considering building a nest there. I will see how i can provide food and water so that birds can also come visit and stay as they please."

— Fen

"I look forward to this Ecochallenge every year to learn more about sustainable choices and our impact within our communities!"

— Scott

"I am taking part in this challenge first and foremost because I think it's important to have daily actions that show respect and kindness to the earth for all that she has given us. As individuals I believe we have a lot of choices that we make each and every day that can have a positive impact on our planet; when we make those choices they become habits and when those habits are shared within our communities there is a positive ripple affect. I think we have the power to drive the change that we want to see as consumers and changes we want policy makers to implement through the decisions we make every day."

— Miya

"While I have done an Ecochallenge several times, and I do have to mark a lot of actions "I already do/did this", amazingly I seem to find new things to learn about and how far we seem to be moving forward to help our world continue."

— Shayne

"I love that this challenge helps me find concrete ways to take action. I decided to try the approach of choosing one action for each category. I made sure a couple of them were onetime actions so I'd not find myself feeling overwhelmed. The one I am looking forward to the most is sharing my why. I think it will challenge me to think about what motivates me to do this sort of work."

— Joie

"It's been empowering to focus on small, everyday actions that collectively contribute to protecting our environment. Whether it's opting for reusable alternatives, participating in community clean-up events, or advocating for eco-friendly practices, every effort counts towards creating a greener, more sustainable future. While the Ecochallenge has had its share of ups and downs, I've found inspiration and motivation in the support of fellow participants and the greater environmental community. Together, we're amplifying our impact and driving meaningful change for the betterment of our planet."

— Zenden

"I can't believe the month is almost over! I still have so many actions I want to take, the planet needs so much help, that I hope to remain vigilant and persistent with each of these actions, whether daily or one-time only, YEAR ROUND!"

— Jamie

"This is my first Ecochallenge, I thought it was mostly about planting trees, but I see it's so much more!"

— Oana

"One of the things that I learned during the course of the Ecochallenge is being aware and being responsible. Even without the eyes of the public, inside our homes when no one is looking, I should still be responsible with my own choices, small or big as it has an impact to the our mother earth. Like simply using a reusing a tupperware or even turning off faucets when not in use."

— Zyra

our amazing collective impact added up

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keep learning. keep taking action.
keep creating a better shared future with us.

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