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The People's Ecochallenge 2020: Our Collective Impact and Reflections


5 Ways to Work Towards Environmental Justice from Low Waste + Sustainable Living Expert, Jhanneu

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Transformative: A Letter from Our Executive Director

Transformative. That’s the word I heard a friend use to describe this year as we progress through it; and it made me pa…


Plastic Free Ecochallenge 2020: Our Collective Impact and Reflections

have a look at our collective impact:

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No justice, no peace, no sustainable world.

Dear Community,All of what is taking place in our world right now is connected.Our hearts are with the…


Earth Day 2020: Our Collective Impact and Reflections

have a look at our collective impact:


COVID-19 Letter to Educators

These are stressful and uncertain times, and we hope that you, your families, and your students are healthy during them…

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Creativity, Climate Change, and the Atlanta Airport

In 1998, I accidentally discovered the power of art to help people think differently about trash. I created a flamenco …

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Yes, and...

Yes, and…Connecting the Dots for Climate Solutionsby: Lacy Cagle, Ecochallenge.orgIn the human experience, as much conn…


Looking Ahead into 2020 with New Executive Direction

Dear Community,As we close our fourth-consecutive year of record impact and participation, there are s…

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The People's Ecochallenge 2019

Our People's Ecochallenge 2019 was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this Ec…

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A Different Way: Betty Shelly

Since 2006, Betty Shelley and her husband Jon have produced just one 35-gallon garbage can of trash a year. Although th…

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