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Blog / Earth Day 2020: Our Collective Impact and Reflections

Earth Day 2020: Our Collective Impact and Reflections

have a look at our collective impact:


Total Participants


(First-time participants: 7,902)


Total Teams


total completed actions.png

Total Actions Completed



Total Reflections Shared


building resilience axns.png

Top 5 Actions in the Building Resilience Action Track

Spend time outside: 1,819
Connect while social distancing: 1,798
Support pollinators: 700
Watch a documentary about food: 651
Research benefits of biodiversity: 383

most popular axns.png

Top 5 Actions across All Action Categories

Connect while social distancing: 3,027
Spend time outside: 2,854
Use a reusable water bottle: 2,105
Reduce animal products: 1,779
Watch a documentary about food: 1,698


On the first Earth Day in 1970, 20 million people in the United States took a stand to demand a better way forward for our planet. Here we are fifty years later, and Earth Day is now recognized as the planet’s most significant annual civic engagement event.


We dedicated the entire month of April to Earth Month and invited global changemakers to join us in Earth Day Ecochallenge. 10,000+ of us put our Earth Day intentions into actions and together, we created amazing positive, collective impact, even in the face of unprecedented challenges from COVID-19.


Earth Day Ecochallenge was a 30-day environmental and social engagement program. From April 1 - April 30, participants selected actions to take that aligned with their individual values and made a 30-day commitment to complete those actions, all the while practicing and reinforcing good habits. For every completed action, participants earned points and created impact. Their points contributed to their team's total points, and their impact contributed to our collective impact.

collective impact_people.png

collective impact_food.png

collective impact_transport.png

collective impact_energy.png

collective impact_trees.png

collective impact_waste.png

collective impact_water.png

collective impact_wellness.png

"I love that this pulls together so many people from all over to make a difference. Every little bit adds up."

— Kathleen, Earth Day Participant

"The days have been blurring together since we started staying home all the time. It makes it hard to remember to check in. But Earth Day is next week and I am determined to make time these next few days to accomplish some of the more time-consuming goals, like researching pollinator plants for my garden or watching a food sovereignty documentary."

— Abi, Earth Day Participant

"This has been a great challenge! A fun way of raising awareness and driving personal behavior shifts."

— Jerris, Earth Day Participant

"I am so sad that the Ecochallenge is coming to an end but I'm so proud of all the things we have accomplished!"

— Emily, Earth Day Participant

"Connecting with others gives me some excitement while social distancing and helps my emotional and mental health because I am not used to being isolated and stuck with my family like this all of the time so it allows me to see new faces and talk to people and make me a little less bored. I think it can help others because everyone needs to be talking to each other about our feelings or emotions right now in order to stay in a stable mental state."

— Chloe, Earth Day Participant

"The challenge is going great and has reinvigorated my interest in saving the environment. I’ve learned a lot in just days!"

— Matt, Earth Day Participant

"I learned how we are harming our oceans and how vital they are to the Earth. I will do more to minimize my effects on the ocean and encourage others to do the same."

— Gabriel, Earth Day Participant

"Since keeping up with this challenge everyday, I have been able to see how my actions help and hurt the Earth."

— Shauna, Earth Day Participant

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