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Blog / Earth Month Ecochallenge 2022: Sustainable Development Goals Collective Impact

Earth Month Ecochallenge 2022: Sustainable Development Goals Collective Impact

“So excited to participate in another challenge!! I always come out of these a better person and citizen of the earth. We all win when we participate!”

— Tricia

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Total Participants


across 70 countries and 57 states/regions

with 81% as first-time participants


Total Teams


total completed actions.png

Total Actions Completed



Total Posts Shared


with 10,115 reflections

and 11,446 high-fives

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Top Impactful Actions

Make Zero-Waste Meals

Mend Clothing

Create A Readiness Plan

Research Impact Investing

Practice A Sharing Economy

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Participant Engagement

Average # of daily check-ins: 11

One-time action success rate: 40%

Daily action success rate: 36%



Earth Month Ecochallenge 2022: Sustainable Development Goals is a behavior change program that helps you take action to create a healthier world. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are a commitment to achieving sustainable development across three dimensions — environmental, social and economic — in an inclusive and integrated way.

For the month of April 2022, we put the SDGs into action to create substantial positive impact. Together, we build a sustainable world and a healthy planet.

"We all deserve clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a stable climate to live in."

— Alexandra

"My ‘Why?’ I’m here to help build better sustainability practices, create awareness and inspire others — a better future means a better world for my kids and for their future. I’m excited to do so here with my family, my friends and Starbucks! 💚"

— Gina

"Let’s do this for each other and everyone! Mama Earth’s not happy!!
She deserves our best!!!!"

— Lorraine

"I grew up in a forest and I have witnessed its deterioration and the disappearance of many species, so I am really worried about the world we are leaving our children. My son is much more environmentally aware than I was when I was his age so he and I decided to form a team to contribute as much as we can to revert all the damage we have done to the earth and the Ecochallenge has given us a great guidance for this purpose. Thank you!"

— Ivette

"a haiku for spring

tender little sprout
withstanding the final frost
tenacious fighter"

— Demetra

"Happy Earth Day today and everyday! Education is really the key to sustainability. I've learned so much this past month and am putting things into practice."

— Angelique

"Let’s do this! It’s not only a challenge, it’s us creating a better world!"

— Andreea

"Making a difference in how we care for one another & our planet is something we can all be a part of! I want to do my part in making that difference by thoughtfully making choices that will help to promote a eco-friendly environment and be supportive of all people."

— Suzy

"I joined to learn more, slow down to reflect and make a positive difference, however small, to help preserve our beautiful planet for our next generation(s). "

— Jim

"Yesterday was just my first day doing the challenge. I'm excited that some of the goals are things that I'm already doing... but I like that the challenging is reinforcing me to continue with and/or build upon those activities. I'm also excited about some new challenges that hadn't really occurred to me or that I hadn't previously made time for."

— Stacey

"Earth Day is almost here
That's a very good reason to give out a cheer
To recycling, composting, and many more ways
Let the spirit of Earth Day carry on for endless days!"

— Erik

"Once again, I really enjoyed the Ecochallenge! Last year I learned a lot and was able to keep up most of the habits I practiced. I loved this year's focuses and the balance between the learning front and the day-to-day action front. I think the habits that the Ecochallenge has prompted me to begin will stick around!"

— Laura

our amazing collective impact added up

keep learning. keep taking action.
keep creating a better shared future with us.

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