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Blog / The People's Ecochallenge 2021: Collective Impact

The People's Ecochallenge 2021: Collective Impact

“I find these challenges to be so rewarding/interesting because it does truly make me think about so many different things that I normally would not consider.”

— Nicole

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Total Participants


across 62 countries and 52 states/regions

with 69% as first-time participants


Total Teams


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Total Actions Completed



Total Posts Shared


with 3,123 reflections

and 2,885 high-fives

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Top Impactful Actions

Needs Vs. Wants

Reduce Refined Sugar

Plant Trees

Eliminate Toxic Plastics

Zero-Waste Cooking

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Participant Engagement

Average # of daily check-ins: 9

One-time action success rate: 43%

Daily action success rate: 40%



The People's Ecochallenge is a 21-day challenge to take action for a better shared future. From October 6 – October 27, 2021, we committed to trying and doing new things. We thought about and acted on proven solutions through 100+ actions across nine categories.

Fun actions encourage new habits. Small steps lead to big change. Together, we build a sustainable world and a healthy planet.

"I loved having this challenge on my mind when I was out and about this weekend!! I really helped me think about my choices... I made more drinks at home vs. getting them out and was really conscious about saying "no thank you" for straws. I did a lot of walking (okay it doesn't hurt that I have adopted a new dog)! I've put a time limit app on my instagram and that has been working amazingly for me! YAY!"

— Natalia

"This morning I audited all of my incoming mail and switched everything over to paperless billing and statements!"

— Carolina

"I've never purchased a carbon offset before and was pleasantly surprised that it's not that expensive! ~$20 offsets the carbon footprint of 1.32 tons of CO2 that my husband and I will be generating during a flight later this month. We also opted for a flight with a lower carbon footprint (Google flights shows you this now! How cool!)."

— Samantha

"Within days of the challenge, could see how useful each individual can contribute to the society. Great going."

— Srivatsan

"I'm grateful that in the Ecochallenge there is information to help us to reimagine sources of electricity, and to learn to better prepare our yards and forests to limit the harms of fire."

— Betsey

"This is the second time I have participated in the Ecochallenge. I am an environmental activist in my community and share this within my community on a personal and educational perspective. Participating gives me the opportunity to recognize the places I can grow and develop as a person and certainly introduces me to new ways I can contribute to the restoration and regeneration of our planet."

— Nancy

"The Ecochallenge is helping make me aware of the small decisions each day that have an impact on the environment, others and myself."

— Jen

"The reason I decided to join the challenge and chose the actions I did was to create new, but healthy habits. My goal is to rewire my brain by replacing the unhealthy habits with healthier one."

— Crystal

"I learned more about being mindful of all aspects of my life. I spent less money and exercised more. I bought more fresh food and less packaged items. Overall had a genuinely great experience and plan to implement more of these choices into my everyday life."

— Julie

"This challenge has legitimately changed some behaviors for me long term and has given me insights and education opportunities every single year — so I gladly participate. Thanks as well to all who selflessly partake in order to make our community better."

— Nicole

"I have joined the challenge to encourage others, share my thoughts, explore a new habit and stick to it. This challenge makes me so much enthusiastic to continue with my regular habits as well."

— Sumita

"This has been a great experience! It has pushed me to learn more about the issues in my community and what I can do to make a difference. It also has made me more aware of the changes that I can take in my life to improve."

— Isha

"I was surprised to learn that over half of my water consumption isn't even in my house but related to electricity, shopping, and diet. Reduced water usage is just one more reason to reduce meat consumption."

— Sandy

"Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Ecochallenge! I joined the Ecochallenge to challenge myself and to join my co-workers in setting goals to better the environment and the community. Every time I do Ecochallenge, I always end it inspired and motivated to keep up my goals."

— Courtney

"Overall, I took 5 minute showers for 18 out of the 21 days. I’m glad I was able to conserve so many gallons of water and benefit the planet. This was definitely challenging, but it was fun at the same time!"

— Brandon

"I have loved getting my friends involved in this challenge, but I wish I would have done it sooner so they could have participated more from the start! Next time I want to make a larger effort to involve more of my personal network from the start!"

— Brett

our amazing collective impact added up

keep learning. keep taking action.
keep creating a better shared future with us.

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